• Working in the industry + owning an established shoot location = a great head start for creating an amazing location agency!

    Jonathan was working in international marketing and Michael, an art director for a uk leading brand. They had together built a super stylish home in London Bridge that proved to be extremely popular for location shoots. This combination of industry experience, and first hand location hire from a property owners point of view, gave them plenty of knowledge of how things should work.
    In 2007 the pair went at it alone to create the agency SHOOTFACTORY!
    Working initially with their contacts in the industry, the couple began to build the SHOOTFACTORY portfolio and the company’s reputation went from strength to strength. Now an industry name, the agency is well known for it’s high quality locations, and super friendly efficient team.
    The guys have never looked back… three years after setting up the agency SHOOTFACTORY took a trip up north and opened a second office in Yorkshire. Their love for the area saw them put down roots, take on five new team members, and quickly Yorkshire became SHOOTFACTORY HQ! The London office now acts as a base only when the team is needed in the capital.
    Our team of location agents love working with people, and clear communication is central to our success. We’re friendly but professional, straightforward and uncomplicated. We love what we do and it shows in our work. We’re nice to people and people like that!
    To find out a little more about the marvellous people that make up our team, take a look at the team profiles below.
    Further down the page you can also see some of the clients we love to work with, and what they say about us.

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